Friday, February 18, 2005

Tearing Down this old House

Today I finally started to tear down the old House I have sunk money into for many years, It originally belonged to my Grandparents and I made a promise to my grand mother before she passed that I would try to keep it in the Family. That was when I was a young boy and had no idea how hard that promise would become.To make a long story ,short I have decided to demolish it after all the years and all the money I have wasted. The house gets older and requires more and more money to maintain and this last year or so my health had deteriated for awhile and I got behind in repairs due to lack of funds.I am now retired and income is next to nil, so paying taxes on property I cannot maintain is rather redundant.I estamate it will take me most of the summer to tear it down and try to save as much as material as one can.

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